Pregnancy is one of the most special and beautiful phases in the life of expecting parents. It leads to several changes that directly affect the physical and emotional aspects of the mother as well as the baby. While a woman is pregnant, she needs to take care of each aspect that has a direct impact on her pregnancy. Apart from dietary and lifestyle inclusions, one such thing that cannot be missed during pregnancy is the right exercises that will make pregnancy easy for both mother and baby. But, before proceeding ahead, it is essential for a pregnant woman to consult the best gynecologist in Delhi and understand the right exercise as per one’s physical condition.

Benefits of exercising during pregnancy:

Maintaining a regular physical regimen will keep you fit, healthy and feel your best during pregnancy. It will improve your postures and reduce discomforts such as fatigue and backaches. Inclusion of regular exercises can prevent the expecting mother from gestational diabetes and build stamina to endure the labor pain during delivery.

Who should not exercise during pregnancy?

One should not exercise in the following conditions during pregnancy:

  • Women with medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma
  • Low placenta
  • Weak cervix
  • History of premature births or early labor
  • Recurrent miscarriage

Best exercises during pregnancy:

Here are some of the best exercises that pregnant women should do:

  1. Swimming:

Swimming is one of the most followed activity during pregnancy as it is safe and does not pressurize the joints or the abdominal area. In fact, it strengthens the backbone, increases stamina and facilitates higher chances of normal delivery. However, one should avoid jumping, diving, warm pools, hot tubs, sauna, steam rooms, etc.

  1. Yoga:

Prenatal yoga imparts a positive impact on physical and mental wellbeing of a pregnant woman. It is essential to pursue yoga during pregnancy only under strict expert guidance. Yoga ensures flexibility in joints and bones, relaxation, blood circulation and strengthened muscles.

  1. Stationary cycling:

Cycling on a stationary bike is safe for first-time exercisers as well as expecting mothers. It increases heart rate and does not put pressure on joints. It supports body weight and decreases the risk of falling.

  1. Low impact aerobics

Low impact aerobics maintain muscle tone and strengthens lungs and heart. Low impact exercises include fast running, leaps, high kicks and jumping. With one foot on the ground, it helps in maintaining balance, limits stress on the joints, etc.

  1. Squatting and pelvic tilts

Squatting and pelvic tilts prepare an expecting mother for labor. Pursued in the last trimester of pregnancy, both squatting and pelvic tilts strengthen the abdominal muscles and reduce back pain. This imparts stamina and endurance to bear the pain caused during labor.

  1. Brisk Walking

Brisk walking is also one of the most sought after exercises to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. An appropriate cardiovascular workout, it does not affect the ankles and knees.

Pregnant women can easily do the above-mentioned exercises. However, before proceeding ahead, it is essential to consult the gynecologist and perform these exercises under strict expert supervision.

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