There are lots of benefits if growing marijuana at home than buying it from the market. When you choose to grow marijuana at your own, you have the option to choose from the hundred kinds of strains. You can choose to grow marijuana according to your need, be it for medical or recreational purpose. Also, the cost of buying it from the dispensary can be very high. In the long run, you will be able to save more money than compared to spending it on buying Marijuana.

Is growing weed is legal?

If, you have made up your mind to grow Marijuana at your home. Then you need to buy the seeds from the market. But before that, you need to know that whether or not growing marijuana is Legal in Toronto, Canada. The answer to this question is, yes, it’s completely legal to buy cannabis seeds and grow them. If your marijuana card carrier, then you can have a certain number of plants at your home. The laws in Canada are changing from 2018 and it is essential to know about them.

The various kinds of components found in the marijuana which can help you are

CBD– it is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It gives a feeling of relaxation and relief from pain. CBD is not psychoactive like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC– Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive compound found in seeds, which helps people getting high. It helps in increasing the appetite in the patients suffering from eating disorder. Also, it helps in neurodegenerative diseases.

In Toronto Seed Bank, there are various kinds of Marijuana seeds are available. As per your need, you can buy any seed. Some types of seeds which are available are

  • Feminised seeds

Feminised seeds are produced in a way that it results in producing female plants only.

  • Regular seeds

These are the seeds that have a chance of having both male and female plants, which means there is a 50-50 % chance of getting either of them.

  • Auto-flowering seeds

The concept of these plants is simple, they will automatically flower as opposed to waiting for a specified timed cycle. The plants start producing flower on their own after a short period of 2-4 weeks. This process is done through  Cannabis Ruderalis

High CBD seeds

From Toronto seed bank, you can also buy marijuana seeds which are proven to be helpful to overcome various medical ailments; these are called Medical Marijuana seeds. These seeds are useful in treating diseases like

  • Cancer
  • PTSD
  • ADD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fibromyalgia

Marijuana can help you naturally treat symptoms of various diseases. It helps in easing chronic pain, and also helps in treating pains associated with chemotherapy and cancer.

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