For years now, weight loss has been plagued with tons of misconceptions and hearsays. The sad part is, many simply choose to believe them without even confirming how much of them are true. In the end, most of them are not satisfied and happy with the result they’re seeing.

To dispel the myths surrounding weight loss, here’s the complete truth behind these claims. Below are some of the most common of them.

You Don’t Need Exercise When You’re Eating Right

Just because you’re eating healthy, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose those extra pounds. While your diet can directly affect your weight, this is not enough. You still need a means to burn those calories off your body. There’s no better way to do that than being active and exercising. Physical activities are as essential as monitoring your everyday meals. So be sure you get a sufficient amount of exercise daily.

Popular Diet & Weight Loss Programs Always Work

There’s been a crazy amount of weight loss programs from left and right. While it does encourage people to get into shape, not all of them work as effective. You see, these programs and methods are not one-size-fits-all. You may encounter a routine that works for other people, but not for you. The only way to figure that out is to consult an MD diet clinic in Salt Lake City. You need to undergo an assessment to see what’s the best practice and method for you to try. Since most body types react differently under certain circumstances, you can’t expect them to work right away.

All Carbs Can Make You Fat & Is Bad for You

As a general rule, anything you eat in excess is bad. The same principle applies to carbohydrate-rich foods. They are only bad for you when you overeat them. As a whole, however, your body needs them to gain energy. The more energy you consume, the more you need carbs. What’s more is, not all carbs are bad, only the refined carbs. These are notably known as processed grains and sugary food. As for the good carbs, always choose whole grains. This is because not all carbs are bad for you.

Skipping a Meal Can Keep Off the Unwanted Pounds

Among all the claims here, this is the worst of all. If you think that skipping can make you lose weight fast, it isn’t. Rather than helping you, this practice can do more harm. Restricting your meals, can interrupt your body’s normal function. It may bring in more health risk which can be dangerous to you. The worst thing is you may experience stress, anxiety and fatigued. Besides, doing this slows down metabolism which leads to weight gain when you eat too much. So rather than skip, try to cut down the portion. This is more effective than starving yourself.

When it comes to cutting down your weight, the amount of information you’ll find can be overwhelming. Before acting on it, it’s best to confirm what among them is true and not. This way you are sure that you’re doing the right way. If there are things you are curious about, always do your research first. Or better yet, consult a nutritionist and doctor to verify them. Only by doing so, can you come up with a method that will guarantee to work for you.

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