If we talk about technology and its usage, no doubt it makes life easier. But on the other hand, certain things can exploit the children. Before knowing them about the technology it is important to educate them about the use, its benefits, and false.

Here is some technology improvement that can be a risk for the kids:

  • Internet

The Internet helps to reduce distances and ensure communication around the world. But on the other hand, the use of the internet by kids can be dangerous. It affects their physical and mental health and causes social damages as well. you can find out more about the internet and its bad effect on kids through newswatchtv.com.

  • Smartphone

The use of smartphones among the kids is getting higher. According to the researchers, giving mobile phones at an early age can harm the health of kids and affect their mental capability. Moreover, it increases the chances for them to involve in bad activities.

  • Online games

Kids are so much into online games that affect cognitive health. Moreover, playing online games can restrict their physical activities. So, it is not suggested by the health consultants to keep kids involved in online games, etc.

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