Though in the past bulk natural foods were available only at specialty and health food grocers, many ordinary grocery stores have been adding bulk natural foods to their selection. As a result, it’s easier than ever to get natural foods. However, with the increase in demand, there’s been a flood of information — and misinformation — about natural foods. Let’s see what the truth really is.

Buying in Bulk is Cheaper than You Thought

Many people say that buying natural foods in bulk is expensive. In fact, because when you buy in bulk you’re less likely to overbuy, you save money! Another reason it’s cheaper to buy natural foods in bulk is that the grocery store benefits from bulk pricing from the supplier. These savings are then passed down to the consumer, making bulk food more affordable than is commonly believed.

Bulk Foods Help Reduce Food Waste

Have you ever cleaned out your spice cabinet only to find 2, 3, and 5 year-old jars? Or found something mysterious stashed away in the back of your freezer? If you buy in bulk, you can get just what you need for the recipe you’re making tonight.

Natural and Organic Foods Are Not the Same

While all Organic foods are natural, not all natural foods are Organic. Any business whose products are labeled as Organic must undergo a rigorous certification and auditing by the USDA. If you worry that your ‘natural’ foods are falling short of your standards, you should buy products with Organic labeling.

Bulk Natural Foods are Easy to Find

There has never been an easier time to shop for natural foods. Now that there are thousands of natural grocery stores across the country, and ordinary grocery stores adding more natural and bulk foods to their assortment of products, whether you go to Whole Foods, Kroger, or Aldi, it’s easy to find bulk bins or prepackaged bulk foods that are healthier for you and fit any budget.

Natural Foods are Delicious

A common misconception is that natural foods are earthy-crunchy, hippy-dippy bird food. This could not be further from the truth, Natural-labeled foods range from guilty pleasures like chocolate covered fruits and nuts, ice cream, produce, frozen dinners and everything in between. So, don’t let your fast-food-loving family dissuade you from patronizing your local grocer’s natural foods section. And on the flip side, don’t assume that just because that candy is natural that it’s low-calorie or sugar-free!

The real facts about natural bulk foods are: while many avoid GMOs or are free of artificial flavors, natural foods can be just as decadent as anything else on the grocery store shelf. Buying in bulk allows consumers to get just the right amount of their favorite ingredients – whether they’re stocking up on staples or bringing home just a pinch of something unusual. It’s important to read the labels of natural products if you’re looking for Organic certified foods, and don’t assume that because you shop the bulk section you’ll be stuck with a long bill!

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