For those who have been looking to purchase a home exercise space as a means of staying healthy and fit then the actual Bowflex PR3000 home exercise space could be for you personally. If you do not have the period or money to visit a health club, or do not have the resources to employ a fitness expert then the actual Bowflex PR3000 may be the ideal alternative. You can work all areas of the body like the actual major muscle tissue groups as possible do more than 50 numerous strength exercises about this gym. Compare that to numerous other house gyms and you’ll see the reason why this gym may be the perfect home exercise space for your home.

Major Functions

The Bowflex PR3000 steps 54 by 28 by 10 in . and weighs in at around 174 Pounds which makes it fairly small and because it doesn’t possess heavy dumbbells attached, you’ll be able to move this from area to location within your house if you wish to.

The gym mentionened above previously can provide you with a total entire body workout and you’ll be able to do more than 50 power exercises to operate all regions of your body also it even has a built-in rowing train station. Instead associated with weights these devices uses Energy Pods which quit to 210 lbs of opposition. Once you begin to build strength as well as endurance you are able to upgrade this particular to 310 lbs.

Besides the ability Rods the house gym includes thick roller cushions for the leg plug-ins and lower-leg curls, lower-leg attachments, triple perform hand grips to help you do horizontal pull downs, multiple function ankle joint cuff grabs, a up and down bench push, and obviously a absolutely no change cable television pulley program with 210 lbs of Energy Rod opposition.

Bowflex possess a reputable title and produces top quality products which are fully examined. The Bowflex PR3000 is made of composite material to make sure quality as well as durability and it also has a 7 12 months warranty. That’s surely an additional great reason to purchase.

What That you can do On The actual Bowflex PR3000

As the house gym provides you with the ease of having the ability to work out within the privacy of your home there isn’t any reason that you should leave the home for your aerobic fitness exercise as a fitness center comes filled with an integrated rowing machine for the cardiovascular. With more than 50 exercises you’ll be able to work all of your major muscles including your own biceps, triceps, stomach, quads, lats and so on and can do you normal compound workouts like draw downs, biceps curls, table presses, lower-leg extensions, triceps kickbacks, squats, horizontal shoulder boosts, seated stomach crunches plus much more

One benefit of the Bowflex PR3000 is it uses Energy Rods with regard to resistance rather than weights. With regular weights a person always obtain constant opposition as weights can’t be adjusted very easily were since the power supports provide adjustable resistance depending on flexibility and motion. This creates a much more natural movement throughout the exercise.


If you intend on being a weight lifter or even body contractor then this home exercise space is not for you personally as it’s a limited degree of weight resistance and it is more ideal for the individual looking in which to stay shape.


The Bowflex PR3000 Home exercise space provides you with the ability every single child work each and every muscle group for example you biceps, triceps, stomach, quads, calves hamstrings as well as your gluts.

As it’s an all in a single home gym that has a built-in rowing machine you’ll be able to workout at any time and for just about any period of time you choose within the convenience as well as privacy of your home. This will reduce you needing to go to a health club and put money into memberships fees or perhaps a personal coach.

The Bowflex PR3000 Home exercise space is the perfect home fitness center that provides you with a complete body workout using the added benefit of having the ability to do cardio exercise as well within the luxury, comfort as well as privacy of your home.

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