The most common and popular way to boost your self-confidence is by smiling more and that can be achieved by Teeth Whitening. So, when your teeth are whitened, you will automatically end up smiling more, while showcasing your bright sparkly teeth. Procedures like teeth whitening in Prestons are very popular for their perfection and also for its affordability. Therefore, if you are in Prestons, try out whitening your teeth.

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest procedures in the dental world. It can either be carried on in your home or in the dental office. It has so many amazing effects, but it comes with only one downside and that is the sensitivity. Therefore this article will help you with ways to cope with teeth whitening sensitivity that had been taken from one of the Wattle grove dental offices.

When one experiences a wave of rushed pain in their teeth as a result of getting in contact with cold water or air, they are medically termed as Teeth Sensitivity. You can consult your dentist regarding this matter and they will provide you with relief in the form of medicine, gel or toothpaste.

  • The most important thing one must follow is the Dentist’s instructions. When you use a professional product, make sure to read the instructions carefully.
  • Do not whiten your teeth over the recommended period.
  • If you feel the sensitivity, try cutting out the sensitive foods. Give a break for your teeth to recover, so that it can return back to its normalcy.
  • Aleve or Advil are known to reduce sensitivity effects. It must be taken before the whitening process and you will see its effect after the stage.
  • Check your product for a low peroxide level. Few people assume that the higher the peroxide level, the greater is the result. It is not true especially with those who have miserable teeth.
  • When you plan for whitening, limit your food intake. Your teeth may not show signs of sensitivity in the normal period, but when you whiten, it exasperates the sensitivity issues.
  • Everything must be used on a limited base. The same rule applies to the teeth whitening too. When you overuse it, it will lead to sensitivity. It will not only make your teeth sensitive but also damage them.
  • You can use sensitivity toothpaste or fluoride rinses. It brings great relief to sensitivity issues. Fluoride rinses are generally recommended during, before and after the treatment.
  • Brush your teeth using a soft bristle brush. The softer the bristle, the gentle it is on the gum. It will, therefore, reduce your symptoms and will also not damage your gums.
  • If you feel the sensitivity issue is prevalent for a longer period of the recommended time, inform your doctor. It may be a reason for any cavities or gum recessions.
  • Ask your dentist about the products to use for teeth sensitivity. Do not use it without consulting from the dentist.

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