Medical tourism may be the new buzzword industry in several developed nations. With health care costs spiraling with the roof within developed countries such as the US as well as UK, people afflicted are searching towards alternative destinations to obtain their treatments looked after at reduce costs by having an added pleasure from the opportunity to determine the additional lands. Countries within the mystic eastern, for instance, India, Thailand, Hong Kong as well as Malaysia are taking advantage of it because of their advanced healthcare facilities they provide in addition to their becoming preferred locations for travel and leisure. This business has distribute to Southern Africa, South usa (Compact country of panama, Costa Rica, Brazil) in addition to east Europe like Hungary. The industry keeps growing each day is estimated to develop by 250% through 2012 form only $40 million in 2004.

Medical tourism can also be slated to create in supplementary benefits towards the destination nations by moving up their own economy and can also carbamide peroxide gel well along with foreign traders who curently have a risk in these types of countries. This short article presents 5 top healthcare tourism locations which present probably the most attractive possibilities. We possess selected these in line with the quality as well as cost of health care offered as well as their providing to FDI (international direct expense). These nations are mostly English speaking and therefore there must be no hiccups within getting first class treatment presently there.


Situated simply south of america, Panama is within close proximity while offering very inexpensive and top quality health treatment. As for each present evaluations, a surgical treatment undertaken within Panama expenses 40-70% lower than anywhere in america according towards the NCPA (Nationwide Center with regard to Policy Evaluation) repot released last The fall of. The price of surgical treatment undertaken through Panama healthcare is relatively greater than the Southern East Parts of asia but that is composed by the actual savings about the airfare, because of its proximity using the US. Furthermore, Panama can also be highly “Americanized” and therefore is a popular destination of numerous tourists — general as well as medical.

Panama’s recognized currency may be the US Dollar and many health treatment specialists tend to be US educated. This makes certain that the logistics associated with traveling tend to be lesser as well as medical tourists aren’t in with regard to rude lifestyle shock once they visit Compact country of panama.

Panama’s economic climate is heavily determined by the providers industry and therefore medical tourism might have a good impact on a single. With the surplus in excess of 1. 5 zillion (according to CIA Globe Factbook) skilled work force, Panama would have been a force in order to reckon with within the services business.

Panama, when compared with other Southern American countries includes a US reliant economy and it is trying in order to foster it’s trade ties using the US. Additionally, it has free of charge trade agreement using the US (authorized in Dec 2006) and doesn’t participate within the CAFTA (Main America Free of charge Trade Contract). Compact country of panama also embraces foreign expense with open up arms particularly in travel and leisure, service associated industries as well as Panama property.


Brazil is among the most favored destinations with regard to plastic as well as cosmetic surgical procedures. Brazil’s foray in to medical travel and leisure began along with Ivo Pitanguy, a cosmetic surgeon of world-renown that started the clinic outdoors Rio-de-Janeiro regarding four years ago. Brazil today is the “mecca” associated with plastic and plastic surgery and may be the 2nd biggest market with regard to these surgeries following the US. This is a result of the flawless quality associated with service as well as affordable costs it provides compared in order to other healthcare tourism locations.

According in order to MedRetreat, a healthcare tourism company, Brazil offers most quantity of hospitals and healthcare centers following the US. Almost all are fully certified by JCAHO (Combined Commission), US that is the biggest organization which accredits private hospitals. These details underline the significance of Brazil within the medical travel and leisure industry as well as promote just about all other types of procedures along with plastic as well as cosmetic surgical procedures.

The most desired destination within Brazil is actually São Paulo, which isn’t just the greatest city within Brazil but additionally boasts of a few of the world’s greatest hospitals as well as healthcare centers filled with all assessment procedures and a few of the world’s the majority of renowned and highly trained professionals. Additionally, Brazil is close to the ALL OF US and takes no more than 9 hours on the flight.

Brazil can also be very favorable to international investment and it is slated being probably the most dominant economies later on according in order to Jim O’Neill (Goldman Sachs). Therefore, in add-on to preserving on healthcare costs as well as seeing South america, investing in property here could generate high results.


Located within South Eastern Asia as well as being probably the most beautiful exotic tourism destinations on the planet, Malaysia can also be a destination for health care facilities as well as hospitals. Due to this, Malaysia’s healthcare tourism business has encounter a geometric growth recently. To provide you with an estimation, people who’ve opted with regard to healthcare within Malaysia is continuing to grow from regarding 75, 000 in order to 300, 000 per year between 2001 as well as 2006, the industry growth associated with 400% inside a span associated with 5 many years (numbers are through Association of Hostipal wards, Malaysia). The actual revenue produced through this kind of influx healthcare tourists within 2006 handled the $60 million mark. It’s predicted how the Malaysian healthcare tourism marketplace will develop at 30% per year until 2010.

Healthcare within Malaysia offers an array of procedures including cosmetic, cardiac as well as dental surgical procedures at a lot lesser costs compared to US. The cardiac avoid surgery within Malaysia expenses around UNITED STATES DOLLAR 6000-7000.

Malaysia draws in foreign expense and vacationers alike because of conducive trade rates as well as, stable government and it is high literacy price. Malaysia may be the only country on the planet that offers almost 90% associated with its populace living near healthcare amenities. This talks volumes because of its network associated with hospitals.

Costa Rica

An additional popular healthcare tourism location, Costa Rica is found in South The united states and caters to numerous medical care dependence on patients through developed nations. Costa Rica provides world-class health care at down-to-earth costs and it is very convenient to go to, especially from The united states. It is simply 8-10 hours in the USA and it is highly obtainable with small logistic plans.

As for each the NCPA statement last released, more compared to 150, 000 and also the have searched for Costa Rica’s health care facilities for his or her treatment within 2006. Costa Rica focuses on cosmetic as well as dental surgical procedures and any type of procedure expenses around 1 / 2 of what it might cost within US. For instance, a dental care veneer expenses $350 within Costa Rica although it costs regarding $1200 in the united states.

With higher literacy price and financial stability in conjunction with a inviting attitude in the direction of foreign expense, Costa Rica is really a fast developing economy. It’s a member from the US-CAFTA agreement which was implemented within March 2008 which makes it more favorable to expense and healthcare tourism.


The percentage of affordable in health care is the greatest in Indian, which means that you could get the very best medical care in the lowest cost when compared with any additional medical travel and leisure destinations based on NCPA. India features of a number of JVI certified hospitals as well as uses the very best infrastructure along with cutting-edge health care technology. The only real drawbacks along with India would be the restrictions positioned on foreigners and also the distance in the US.

Medical tourism regardless of the drawback is continuing to grow immensely previously few many years. With regarding 500, 000 foreigners choosing treatment within India within 2005, the has developed from a hundred and fifty, 000 within 2002. The actual medical travel and leisure industry by itself is planned to becoming in UNITED STATES DOLLAR 2, 2 billion annually by 2012.

Using the availability of hi-tech medical treatment infrastructure, India focuses on almost all surgical procedure, be this orthopedic, heart or aesthetic procedures. India also offers some process, yet unavailable in america such because Birmingham stylish resurfacing that has recently obtained the FDA authorization in ALL OF US. The expenses of healthcare are extremely low, for instance a hi-tech hospital within India costs USD 4000 for any cardiac surgery that could cost a lot more than USD thirty, 000 any place in the


India, like a country encounters many problems like environment issues, illiteracy, lower income and spiritual strife as well as dissuades and also the from vacationing there. Nevertheless, the mystic value how the country carries together with its initiatives towards getting the “global wellness destination” stimulates many and also the to choose healthcare right here.

With decreased controls upon foreign industry and expense, progressive plan on financial reforms as well as foreign industry makes India a very sought following destination with regard to foreign expense. With an easy growing marketplace, India is actually slated being an economic climate to think with.

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